Turf & Ornamentals

At Chemical Dynamics, we have served farmers by providing premium liquid nutrient products for over 50 years. Now, we are taking that same agronomic expertise and applying it to turf and ornamentals. We are committed to providing a uniquely designed, premium line of products to golf courses, lawn care, and pest control businesses. Our expertise in plant nutrition and soil science will ensure that lawns, gardens, golf courses, and ornamental displays flourish like never before. 

Innovative Water Management Solutions

Our expertise in water management is pivotal in maintaining vibrant landscapes. Through advanced wetting agents and soil moisture technologies, we ensure efficient water infiltration and distribution. Our products are designed to optimize soil moisture levels, facilitate uniform water distribution, and assist in rapid recovery from environmental stressors, thereby enhancing the health and vitality of your turf and ornamental plants.

Spray Application Excellence

Chemical Dynamics offers a specialized range of spray adjuvants, engineered for precision and effectiveness. These solutions are tailored to reduce fine particles, aid in droplet sizing, and minimize drift, ensuring each application delivers optimal performance.

Our formulations are designed to function effectively under various conditions, including hard water and alkaline environments, enhancing the efficacy of your spray materials.

Advanced Nutrient and Plant Health Technologies

Our commitment to plant health extends to the development of premium micronutrients and bio-stimulants specifically formulated for turf and ornamental care. These products ensure even nutrient distribution and enhance plant growth and stress tolerance, elevating overall plant health and vitality. Our innovative solutions cater to the specific needs of your plants, ensuring they receive the precise nutrients required for optimal growth.

At Chemical Dynamics, we pride ourselves on delivering products that redefine precision, consistency, and reliability in turf and ornamental care.

A Full Array of Product Offerings

From our Dyna Gold line of glucoheptonates, to our Dyna Flo line of foliar fertilizers, to our new CEIA line of carbon backbone nutrient offerings, our product portfolios are built to maximize nutrients and maintain healthy turf in every season.

Expert Guidance for Optimal Results

Our team of certified professionals can work directly with you to assess your specific landscape needs. Whether you’re maintaining a golf course, managing a park, or nurturing a private garden, we’ll help you develop a customized plan for success.

Quality You Can Trust

With over 50 years of experience in the agriculture industry, Chemical Dynamics has built a reputation for quality and innovation. We’re a trusted partner for farmers, and our commitment to excellence extends to our golf courses, lawn care, and pest control companies.

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