Year after year, we’ve been committed to pushing the boundaries of agricultural excellence. The 2022 results are in, and Soar Bloom Spray stands tall as a testament to innovation and progress.

Our ongoing research, spanning several years, reaffirms Soar’s ability to optimize short-term and long-term elevated crop yields in both soybean and cotton growth. These aren’t just numbers; they’re the future of farming.

Ready to explore the benefits of Soar yourself and take your crops to new heights? Dive into our comprehensive research results and learn how Chemical Dynamic’s proprietary foliar micronutrient is transforming soybean and cotton farming

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2021 – 2022 Soar Bloom Spray Soybean Research Results

Research conducted by Southern Ag Services and Agricenter International

Irrigated Soybean Trials

Trial Information Control 2QT 3QT 2QT Difference 3QT Difference
2021 Irrigated Trials 74.0 93.2 90.6 19.2 16.6
2022 Irrigated Trials 49.5 57.8 54.0 8.3 4.4
2021-2022 Irrigated Averages 55.6 66.7 63.1 11.0 7.5

Dryland Soybean Trials

Trial Information Control 2QT 3QT 2QT Difference 3QT Difference
2021 Dryland Trials 50.8 55.6 64.5 4.8 13.7
2022 Dryland Trials 54.1 57.7 57.2 3.6 3.1
2021-2022 Dryland Averages 53.4 57.2 58.9 3.8 5.6

Average Dryland Yield

Average Irrigated Yield

Yield Analysis

Additional Bushels
% of Trials with Positive Financial Returns

For 50 years, Soar Bloom Spray, our flagship product, has been changing the game in agricultural micronutrients. By harnessing the power of biologically active seaweed-based compounds, Soar Bloom Spray stimulates the production of beneficial enzymes and catalysts within plants, unleashing their true potential.