Welcome to Chemical Dynamics, where our business is to help you grow. With our commitment to product quality and agronomic research, we provide innovative solutions to optimize your crops. Today, we’re diving into the benefits of Dyna-Flo 5-15-1, affectionately known as Jungle Juice. Join us as we explore how this complete starter fertilizer enhances early root development and fuels rapid plant growth.

About Chemical Dynamics

With a legacy spanning 50 years, Chemical Dynamics is a family-owned micronutrient and fertilizer blender based in Plant City, Florida. Our dedication to R&D ensures that our formulations deliver outstanding results for our valued clients.

Unveiling Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice utilizes our Dyna-Flo 5-15-1 fertilizer mix specially formulated for transplanted and seeded crops. It serves as a catalyst for early root development, especially during cool or wet conditions and the crucial stages of plant growth. Dyna-Flo 5-15-1 is formulated to provide the maximum availability of phosphorus to sustain healthy plant growth.

The Jungle Juice Advantage

Leveraging expertise as a high-quality micronutrient blender, Jungle Juice combines a 5-15-1 fertilizer package with a biostimulant package of seaweed, humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acids, and other biologicals. This proprietary biostimulant blend markedly improves the uptake of macro and micronutrients to offset any adverse limitations caused by soil pH or environmental factors. With Jungle Juice, your plants receive the vital nourishment they need for thriving growth and optimal development.

Exploring the Dyna-Flo Line

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond Jungle Juice with our Dyna-Flo line of foliar fertilizers, all containing urea nitrogen, which are formulated for efficient nutrient absorption and fast uptake by plants. Whether you require a starter formula, special turf and ornamental mixes, or a straight N-P-K analysis, Dyna-Flo offers tailored solutions to meet your unique agricultural needs.

Hands On Support

At Chemical Dynamics, our dedication goes beyond offering an extensive product line. We prioritize providing unparalleled customer support to ensure your success. With our team of Certified Crop Advisors, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Whether it’s guaranteeing the quality control of our products or offering hands-on field support to address any challenges, we take pride in being there for our customers whenever they need us.


Unlock your crops’ full potential with the power of Jungle Juice. With enhanced early root development and supercharged nutrient uptake, your crops will be primed for rapid growth and higher yields. At Chemical Dynamics, we take pride in our field-tested formulations that deliver exceptional results. To learn more about Jungle Juice, our Dyna-Flo line, or our flagship SOAR micronutrient solutions, we encourage you to visit our website. We look forward to partnering together with you to help each season be better than the last.