As agricultural professionals, optimizing a crop’s potential and increasing yields is a top priority. We are excited to present Soar Bloom Spray, a balanced micronutrient developed exclusively by our team at Chemical Dynamics. With our 50-year legacy as a trusted family-owned company in Plant City, Florida, we understand the importance of maximizing agricultural productivity. Let’s explore the research-backed benefits of Soar Bloom as seen in our latest research trials. Get ready to unlock the true potential of your crops with Soar Bloom Spray.

Soar Bloom Overview

At Chemical Dynamics, we specialize in crafting premium micronutrients, and Soar Bloom represents one of our many proprietary blends. This unique formulation features a carefully balanced combination of chelated micronutrients, Ascophyllum nodosum (seaweed), and humic and fulvic acids. By harnessing the power of biologically active seaweed-based compounds, Soar Bloom stimulates the production of beneficial enzymes and catalysts within plants, unleashing their true potential. It achieves this by effectively breaking down complex starch molecules, providing readily available energy, and optimizing active transport and absorption of vital minerals. With the incorporation of high-quality humic and fulvic acids, Soar Bloom enhances nutrient assimilation and translocation. Designed specifically to correct and prevent mineral deficiencies, promote plant growth, and excel even during periods of environmental stress, Soar Bloom is your key to witnessing the next building block to increasing your crop yields.

Extensive Research Findings

At Chemical Dynamics, we are committed to providing research-backed solutions that deliver exceptional results. In collaboration with Southern Ag Services and Agricenter International, we conducted rigorous studies to validate the efficacy of Soar Bloom. Since 2019, researchers have found consistent yield improvements and substantial return on investment across different crop scenarios.

Cotton Research Results: In irrigated cotton fields, using Soar Bloom resulted in an average ROI of $36 per acre, accompanied by a significant increase of 97.5 pounds per acre.

In dryland conditions, researchers found an average ROI of $23 per acre, with an average yield increase of 53 pounds per acre.

Soybean Research Results: For soybean cultivation, the research outcomes were equally impressive. In irrigated soybean fields, using Soar Bloom led to an average ROI of $156 per acre, with an increase of 11 bushels per acre.

In dryland conditions, researchers found an average ROI of $69 per acre, with anincrease of 5.6 bushels per acre.

These results showcase the consistent positive impact of Soar Bloom on cotton and soybean production, delivering not only financial gains but also improved crop yields.

For in-depth research findings, visit our website to view detailed cotton and soybean results.

Unleashing Potential in Every Crop

While the research highlights the significant benefits of Soar Bloom in cotton and soybean cultivation, its applications extend to various other crops as well. We understand that each crop has unique requirements, and our Soar product portfolio range reflects that understanding. Whether you are growing corn, citrus, peaches, peanuts, pecans, potatoes, or other crops, our Soar products offer tailored formulations to meet your specific needs. Our Soar products provide comprehensive solutions to unlock the potential of your crops, regardless of the environmental conditions or challenges you may face. Here are just a few examples from our extensive lineup:

  • Advanced Performance
  • Bloom Spray
  • Citrus Mix
  • Micronutrient Mix
  • MZB
  • MZF
  • Peach Mix
  • Peanut Mix
  • Pecan Mix
  • Potato Spray

Our Commitment to Research and Development

At Chemical Dynamics, our commitment to research and development is unwavering. We invest substantial time and resources into the continuous improvement of our crop nutrient formulations. Through rigorous testing, analysis, and collaboration with leading research institutions, we strive to ensure that our products deliver exceptional results consistently. Our dedicated team of experts combines scientific knowledge with practical field experience to create customized solutions that maximize your profitability and promote the growth of high-quality crops.

Elevate Your Ag Success

When it comes to maximizing your crop’s potential, Soar Bloom Spray from Chemical Dynamics is your research-backed solution. With research conducted in collaboration with Southern Ag Services and Agricenter International, Soar Bloom has consistently demonstrated exceptional results in cotton and soybean crops. Our research studies have showcased significant returns on investment and substantial yield improvements when farmers incorporated Soar Bloom into their spraying programs. These findings validate the effectiveness and transformative benefits of Soar Bloom Spray in optimizing crop nutrition and achieving remarkable agricultural success.

To further explore how Soar Bloom can specifically benefit your crops and enhance your growing season, we encourage you to connect with one of our experienced representatives in your area. Our team provides personalized recommendations based on your specific situation. Take the first step towards a more successful growing season by reaching out to us today.