Florida, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant agricultural scene, holds a unique position in the world of farming. Beneath its sun-soaked surface lie challenges that are as formidable as they are distinctive. The state’s growers navigate an intricate dance with the elements, contending with a complex blend of climate, soil, and conditions that can make crop cultivation a true test of skill. It is within this dynamic environment that Dyna-Gro emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering tailored solutions that address the intricate and technical challenges that Florida’s growers confront head-on.

Dyna-Gro: A Florida Innovation

Dyna-Gro isn’t just a fertilizer brand; it is a testament to our innovation. Nestled in Plant City, Florida, we embarked on a mission to create a solution that tackles the unique struggles of our state’s agricultural community.

From our Plant City labs to the fields, we are committed to delivering a line of products that truly understands and combats Florida’s changing climate, sandy soils, and crop intricacies. The Dyna-Gro product line is what emerges from shared experiences, mutual understanding, and an unwavering pursuit of agricultural excellence.


In the world of modern agriculture, achieving optimal crop growth and yield is a top priority for farmers and growers. To address the critical need for fast-acting and efficient nutrient supplementation, Dyna-Gro presents a remarkable line of foliar fertilizers designed to correct crop deficiencies swiftly and effectively. In this blog, we will dive into the innovative Dyna-Gro products that have been making waves in the Florida agricultural industry.

The Power of Dyna-Gro’s Nitrate Foliar Fertilizers

Dyna-Gro’s foliar fertilizers are classified as nitrate-based, ensuring rapid absorption of essential micronutrient components. These nutrients are taken up by plants within a matter of hours, dependent on prevailing conditions. This quick action is particularly advantageous when facing crop-threatening deficiencies, where a swift foliar spray can play a pivotal role in saving crops.

Introducing the Dyna-Gro Product Line

Citrate 779: This concentrated aqueous solution boasts high solubility and the convenience of both aerial and ground application. Perfect for addition to soluble X-O-X grade fertilizers, Citrate 779 delivers exceptional solubility. It can be easily assimilated by leaves and woody tissue, making it an effective foliar spray to correct and prevent deficiencies across various crops.

Copper: Dyna-Gro Copper is a concentrated solution designed to substitute traditional Copper Sulfate without compromising efficacy. With double the solubility of Copper Sulfate on a metal basis at 0°C, it is a reliable choice for fluid fertilizer without nitrogen reduction.

Magnesium: Dyna-Gro Magnesium, available in both 6% and 6.3% concentrations, offers high solubility and compatibility with aerial and ground applications. It’s easy assimilation by leaves and woody tissue renders it an ideal foliar spray to correct magnesium deficiencies.

MZN: Combining Manganese and Zinc, Dyna-Gro MZN is a concentrated aqueous solution with high solubility, perfect for various crops. It can rapidly correct deficiencies when used as a foliar spray.

Paspalum Mix: Specially formulated for Paspalum notatum turf and related species, this mix provides a balanced blend of essential nutrients for healthier and greener plants. The inclusion of a non-ionic surfactant aids in improving nutrient uptake.

Zinc: Dyna-Gro Zinc, another concentrated aqueous solution, boasts high solubility and versatility in application. It is highly effective as a foliar spray to prevent and correct zinc deficiencies on a range of crops.

Precision Nutrient Solutions by Dyna-Gro

In the realm of agriculture, prompt and effective resolution of nutrient deficiencies is paramount for robust crop growth. Dyna-Gro’s nitrate-based foliar fertilizers provide a rapid solution, swiftly delivering micronutrients to counter deficiencies. Whether it’s magnesium, copper, or zinc imbalances, or tailored blends for specific plant species, Dyna-Gro stands as a reliable remedy. With innovative formulations and quick-acting properties, Dyna-Gro products offer a vital tool for farmers aiming to optimize crop health and productivity.

Crafted by us fellow Floridians, each Dyna-Gro formulation stands resolute against our state’s challenges, showcasing Florida’s agricultural vigor and our unyielding commitment.

To learn more about our Dyna-Gro line, reach out to your local representative and let’s get started on your custom formulation to tackle your crop nutrient deficiency needs.